our media experience

City Square has extensive experience in media research, conducting talent testing, audience attitudes, and content strategy research for major media companies over a span of twenty years..


Talent Testing

We have conducted so many focus groups and surveys designed to identify the strengths and weaknesses of talentless dweebs. And then management entirely ignores our advice. 

Audience Attitudes

We try to find out what viewers and users think over a lousy cup of coffee. You can't trust most of it, since most paid respondents are first class bloviators. But it sure is fun.

When I think of what City Square has learned on our behalf, Iā€™m shocked!
— Dissatisfied Client


Content Strategy

We help our clients figure out what kind of stuff will attract the most eyeballs and make the most money. The insane ravings of the right wing are a good place to start. 

But I suggest philosophy instead.