what we think

We are a marketing research and business strategy consulting practice...

  • Driven by a commitment to derive meaning from data and help our clients apply the insight directly to their strategic and tactical decision-making

  • Informed by an interdisciplinary perspective rooted in the humanities and social sciences

  • Grounded in the belief that the person who is the subject of marketing research is best understood when thought about holistically in the context of the city square: that vital crossroads where ideas, emotions, and aspirations are exchanged along with the goods and services produced by a wide range of organizations operating both for profit and for the public good.


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what we think

Our work continues to bring to light a lot of interesting trends, ranging from how media use has changed over the last decade, to how students learn best in an online environment. In an effort to share these insights with the world at large, CSA works to produce think pieces and white papers that we hope will spark informed conversations and drive meaningful action.

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News Archive

Over 20 years, we've published A LOT of newsletters detailing our work, interests, and perspectives. If you're interested to see how we've grown as a team and how our work has developed, take a look at some of our past news publications.

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