Working Together

We provide a custom and compelling alternative in strategic marketing research. That’s because CSA:

  • Looks beyond the limited scope of superficial research questions, focusing instead on helping our clients address fundamental business issues.

  • Has built a diverse portfolio of clients whose industries—media, education, and not-for-profit—sit at the dynamic heart of contemporary culture, challenging us to be resourceful, open-minded, and bold.

  • Has grown its business not by grinding out project after project, but by cultivating a limited number of lasting business partnerships in which our value extends well beyond the delivery of findings.

  • Leverages twenty years of experience of thinking deeply and creatively about our clients’ challenges and cultivating a culture conducive to the unexpected learning and strategic insights that anchor better business decisions.


Our Capabilities

We employ a variety of qualitative and quantitative research methods to help our clients meet their learning objectives and gather the information necessary to provide strategic advice. 


Surveys—Online or Phone—including Questionnaire Design, Survey Programming and Hosting, Sample Acquisition and Management, and Data Analysis


Focus Groups, In-depth Interviewing, Shop-Alongs & Ethnography, Consumer & Executive Level, Ideation Sessions, User Experience Testing


Stakeholder Consultation, Program Evaluation, Strategic Facilitation and Planning, Strategic Communication



Although CSA specializes in media research and the education and not-for-profit sectors, we have experience in a wide range of industries. Below is a full list of the industries our team members have served.


Advertising, Marketing, Public Relations

Media, News, Entertainment

Consumer Financial Services

Education, Not-For-Profit, Human Services

Digital Media


Public Service, Government Agencies


Retail, Consumer Products



Subject Matter

We have extensive experience designing custom primary research in the following topic areas:

  • Branding

  • Concept and Product Development

  • Creative Ideation, Development, Refinement

  • Content and Talent Development

  • Economic Impact

  • Feasibility Testing

  • Program Evaluation

  • Media and Technology Usage Trends

  • Media Buying and Planning

  • Strategic Planning

  • User Experience

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Case Studies

Building Strategic Buy-in


A large national organization with decentralized management and a long history of distrust between local managers and national executives came to City Square with a need to arrive at a shared strategy for reversing their sagging metrics.

CSA designed an information-based consulting process to help key stakeholders across the organization to identify the strategic implications of recent changes in consumer behavior, map out “zones” of potentially impactful strategic activity, and construct a framework for future decision-making.

The organization was able to achieve widespread, multilateral buy-in for a comprehensive strategic plan and sustained investment in tactical implementation for close to five years after the initial research! Preliminary indications are that the metrics are stabilizing, and management satisfaction is measurably improved.

Making Data Useful

A major media company had just received the results of a comprehensive segmentation of our audience utilizing advance statistical technique. There was a lot of excellent data, but very complicated, and the practical implications were unclear to them

CSA studied the data closely and utilized its knowledge of the company and its leadership culture to create tools to make the new information more manageable and to guide the application of the data to decision-making.

Several years since the introduction of CSA’s nomenclature and model for describing the customer segments, the media company continues to utilize the segmentation as a tool for shaping strategy and measuring results. Below are some of the tools that CSA created for them.

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Measuring ROI in the Public Sector


A taxpayer-funded agency in a leading industrial state was facing serious public scrutiny—and a little bit of skepticism—about the value of continued public investment in their facilities and programs.

CSA custom-designed a reality-based, consumer-centric method for measuring the impact on the local economy of the agency’s activities in terms of both dollars and tourist equity. CSA delivered its findings in a user-friendly model that aided public understanding of the findings.

The ability to assign realistic, defensible dollar amounts to the economic impact of the organization’s publicly-funded activities helped shape public debate and held back direct challenges from an ideologically driven think-tank’s effort to de-fund the agency.